My overall experience at EXOS in Pensacola, Fl was outstanding. The willingness of each member of the staff to comprehensively cover their portion of my rehabilitation while maintaining a seamless transition from one person and category to another allowed me to fully focus on each task. The behind-the-scenes efforts of the EXOS team was evident with the execution of coordinated training, therapy, nutrition, and education every day. Each member of the staff was willing to customize my program incorporating my feedback with their knowledge and area of expertise. I was consistently impressed when the PT, and dietician, and the PT would say, “I was thinking about your situation, and I think we should try this…” Working in an environment that is very stressful and performance-oriented, it was not only physically, but also mentally beneficial for me to be in the a place where I could mentally relax and know that my program would continue to evolve based on the team’s commitment to my progress and individual goals. I believe the progress I made here in 4 weeks would have take 6 months more in my home setting. Thank you.