My experience at EXOS has been nothing short of amazing. Upon day one arrival I was in aww of the professionalism and expertise that the entire staff had. I showed up after years of having chronic issues regarding pain and limitations in my daily life and with the support of EXOS in one short month I feel like there is now potential for a full recovery. The knowledge I gained from the dietitians regarding my nutrition and how to properly fuel for recovery and performance was incredible. On the PT side of the house, the staff absolutely nit picked my issues to ascertain the exact cause for my pain and then formulating a plan that I can do on my own to ensure a healthier future. From the training side of the house, my performance coach came in every day with a positive attitude and formulated personal lifting and cardio plans to work on our deficiencies and find new ways to crush ourselves without such a high risk of injury. Each pillar of EXOS complimented the other and supported the overall recovery of not just myself but of all the ARD service members that were there. I can not express enough my most sincere gratitude to the entire EXOS team for improving the quality of my life exponentially. Any service members who are having chronic unsolved issues should be afforded the opportunity to come to this location because I am absolutely certain that with the help of the EXOS team their recovery is possible. Thank you again for everything guys this last month has been unforgettable and I am truly grateful for everything that you have done.