My experience at EXOS has been nothing short of amazing. Upon day one arrival I was in aww of the professionalism and expertise that the entire staff had. I showed up after years of having chronic issues regarding pain and limitations in my daily life and with the support of EXOS in one short month I feel like there is now potential for a full recovery. The knowledge I gained from the dietitians regarding my nutrition and how to properly fuel for recovery and performance was incredible. On the PT side of the house, the staff absolutely nit picked my issues to ascertain the exact cause for my pain and then formulating a plan that I can do on my own to ensure a healthier future. From the training side of the house, my performance coach came in every day with a positive attitude and formulated personal lifting and cardio plans to work on our deficiencies and find new ways to crush ourselves without such a high risk of injury. Each pillar of EXOS complimented the other and supported the overall recovery of not just myself but of all the ARD service members that were there. I can not express enough my most sincere gratitude to the entire EXOS team for improving the quality of my life exponentially. Any service members who are having chronic unsolved issues should be afforded the opportunity to come to this location because I am absolutely certain that with the help of the EXOS team their recovery is possible. Thank you again for everything guys this last month has been unforgettable and I am truly grateful for everything that you have done.

This is my 2nd time visiting the Gulf Breeze EXOS. This place is the elixir of life!! I can't say enough positive stuff about EXOS. After both visits I have been able to return to duty. The entire EXOS staff are world class and the passion, professionalism and drive that they exhibit to help you reach your goals is unmatched. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to attend EXOS and I can't thank the Eagle Fund, LeAnn Lincoln, enough. I showed up at EXOS 6 weeks after being shot in the left. After I was shot I had 5 surgeries and a rod with screws was inserted into the fractured tibia. My surgeon gave me 6 weeks "non weight bearing." At the 6 week mark I saw the surgeon and was cleared to start putting weight on the injured leg. After being cleared on Friday I showed up to EXOS the following Monday, using one crutch. By the end of the first week I was walking without a crutch. The PT not only pushed me, but kept me from doing too much and re-insuring. My workouts have progressed to single leg squats, heavy sled pushes and numerous other heavy volume exercises. I couldn't have done it by myself! Enough said, time to get back to work. Thanks!!

My overall experience at EXOS in Pensacola, Fl was outstanding. The willingness of each member of the staff to comprehensively cover their portion of my rehabilitation while maintaining a seamless transition from one person and category to another allowed me to fully focus on each task. The behind-the-scenes efforts of the EXOS team was evident with the execution of coordinated training, therapy, nutrition, and education every day. Each member of the staff was willing to customize my program incorporating my feedback with their knowledge and area of expertise. I was consistently impressed when the PT, and dietician, and the PT would say, "I was thinking about your situation, and I think we should try this..." Working in an environment that is very stressful and performance-oriented, it was not only physically, but also mentally beneficial for me to be in the a place where I could mentally relax and know that my program would continue to evolve based on the team's commitment to my progress and individual goals. I believe the progress I made here in 4 weeks would have take 6 months more in my home setting. Thank you.

I truly cannot say enough good things about the PT staff and what they have done for me. I came back down to get a tune-up and make sure I was on the right rehabilitation track. He developed a new plan that I feel is working to get me back to where I need to be moving forward. He is a great physical therapist and provides great care for his patients. I had the pleasure of working with a coach new this time around. He made a specific point to "white-board" several of the sessions which provided the "why." That was extremely helpful to understand the movement, programming, etc that he covered with us. He is extremely knowledgeable, but also cares very much about everyone he works with. I appreciated working with him. It was great. The dietician was great to work with again. He answered all my questions I had and helped talk to me and educated me about supplements as they pertained to performance, recovery, blood work, sleep support, etc. I once again appreciated all the effort he went through to make sure I was well taken care of.
Thank you for helping to pick up my 18 month old daughter over my head pain free for the first time ever. I also haven't had to take a pain pill in two weeks. Thank you to everyone at team EXOS for helping change my life.
When I got to EXOS I didn't know what to expect. With CRPS in my left leg, my right side of my body was in pain from over compensating. Since my time at EXOS I didn't have a flair up i my CRPS leg. Most of all EXOS has show me how to work around my bad leg and strengthen my good side. More importantly they have given me back my confidence and given me a more positive outlook to my chronic pain. There are things I can do in moderation I have been suicidal and depressed for far to long and now I feel like I can live with my chronic pain and have some kind of quality of life.